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Window Cleaning

Lions Of London specialises in Residential Window Cleaning. While window cleaning is a fairly straightforward service, we know all the secrets to ensure you get a magic result every time. One of the things that set us apart is that our service includes cleaning of the window frames and window sills in addition to the glass itself. You can expect this with every clean that we provide.

We offer a regular cleaning service on either a 4 or 8 weekly basis, whichever frequency suits you best. We can clean all types of properties up to a height of 60ft including Houses, Flats, Maisonettes, Town Houses and Bungalows.

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked Guttering can cause all sorts of problems to your home (most seriously damp which can cost you £1000's to repair). Twice yearly maintenance should be carried out to clear build-up of debris and to check for damage to guttering and downpipes. We provide a thorough Gutter clearing and cleaning process to take this dangerous and dirty job off your hands.

To reserve a Gutter Cleaning appointment, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

Dirty Fascia's and Soffits can take the gloss off of an otherwise clean and tidy house. With that in mind, we can clean these and external gutters, which may also be showing signs of wear.

For pricing on this service please feel free to ask for a free, no obligation quote.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Do you love your conservatory but hate the state of the roof?

You are not alone.

Many of my customers are frustrated and fed up with a dirty roof, that blocks light and just looks terrible.

I can fix that for you. I can clean your conservatory roof and bring it back to its former glory.

Conservatory roof cleaning includes cleaning of the roof, decorative plastic, external gutters and even your conservatory sides (including frames and sills). Ask for a FREE quote today and start enjoying your conservatory again.

Tel: 07935 382 279 (best number to call) 020 3778 0679

E-mail: info@lionsoflondon.co.uk