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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of questions we are most frequently asked if you don't find your question answered on this page, please contact us.

Do I need to provide you with water?

When we come to your home we will have everything needed to get the job done. Small things like this distinguish us from part time “amateur” window cleaners. We are professionals and as such have all the tools for the job.

Do you collect money in person?

We do not accept cash as payment and NEVER collect money in the evenings or on weekends. Con artists have been known to try and collect window cleaning money in this way. Please be careful and aware of this potential scam. If in doubt please call me directly on M: 07935 382 279.

Do you give an exact day and time that you will come to clean my windows?

Due to having a large number of customers this is not possible. We did trial this in the past with the result that we couldn't keep to exact appointments due to unforeseen circumstances getting in the way such as traffic jams which was frustrating for both customers and us!

We will guarantee to clean your windows on the week they are due. This means that if your windows are due on a Tuesday for example we will clean them one day that week, though it won't necessarily be the exact day since the last visit i.e. Tuesday in our example.

Do you work in the rain?

Due to the highly unpredictable UK weather and the fact that we have a full schedule of customers we do clean windows in the rain. Working in this way ensures that you get your windows cleaned regularly. Contrary to popular opinion windows are not made dirty by rain water. It is only if the windows are already dirty that rain may highlight this dirt.

We have found that the quality of our work is not compromised by rain.

So that you have complete peace of mind I offer a 24 hour guarantee. If you are atall unhappy with any of your windows simply give me a call and I will re-clean the affected windows free of charge.

I offer this guarantee on all my work, whether it has rained or not.

Do you work Saturdays and Sundays?

At the moment we do not, however we will inform you if this changes in the future.

How can I pay?

Please see our Pay page for full details on how you can pay.

How often do you clean windows?

We offer a 4 or 8 weekly service on residential window cleaning.

I have a question that isn't in this FAQ, what should I do?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your question(s).

What happens if I am not in when you come round?

We do not actually require that you to be at home when we clean your windows. In fact the vast majority of our customers are out when we visit.

We send you a text message the night before our visit which allows you to make sure you are at home or leave your gate open for us so we can access the back of your home (or you can leave a key to a padlock for us in a safe place or give us your padlock combination code).

If you are not home we will leave a clear bill/receipt which outlines the date and time that your clean was carried out, along with payment information. If for some reason we were unable to gain access to the rear of your property, we will clean all of the windows we have access to and charge you a reduced rate.

What if I am unhappy with something?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please get in touch. We want to exceed your expectations. We want you to be fully satisfied. If something is niggling you, however small, please do contact us, we'll be happy to help as best we can and put it right.

When is payment due?

For your first clean we require payment the day before our visit by bank transfer or PayPal, or payment on the day by credit/debit card.

For all cleans after that we give you 7 days in which to pay us. You can use any of the payment methods on our PAY page.

While we understand that sometimes you may be late in paying due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot except continued late payment or the racking up of large bills. Doing so will result in us cancelling cleaning. If you have any queries on this please feel free to ask.