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Gutter Cleaning New Malden

Here you will see Adam cleaning the Gutters of a four bedroom semi-detached house in New Malden.

You will notice that he is using an Industrial Strength Vacuum Gutter Cleaning machine. This literally sucks everything out of your Gutters - Moss, Silt, Leaves, Dead Animals, Stagnant Water and any lost Roof Tiles. Cleaning Gutters in this way ensures that all of your Gutters can be reached, as working off of a ladder typically means some Guttering is missed. This is also a completely safe way to clean gutters, so no risk for you or us and as already mentioned, nothing is left behind as this Vacuum takes no prisoners!

After all of the gutters were vacuumed, we then flushed all of the downpipes to make sure there were no blockages. Next, we checked to see whether any of the Guttering needed repairing. We do not carry out repairs ourselves, which means we can give you impartial advice on the matter.

Lastly, we cleaned the exterior of the Guttering so that it looks nice from the ground, ready to impress these customers neighbour.

Your Gutters need to be cleaned once a year.

Have you cleaned yours yet?

Remember that doing nothing could cost you 1,000's and put your family's health at risk!

Call me now on: 07935 382 279 or e-mail: info@lionsoflondon.co.uk for your Free Quote.

ps - The chicken on the side of our van was part of something we did for charity, in case you were wondering!


If you would like a free quote for the price of gutter cleaning in New Malden from a reliable window cleaning company, please contact us for a no-obligation price quotation.